Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Lump

So you think you have cancer, but its your dads birthday and the entire weekend is a birthday celebration what do you do?
So for about two weeks before I went home for Easter I and my amazing girlfriend promise that won’t be in every post J
 noticed that my right testicle was feeling strangely hard. Now I don’t know why this happens and it might just be a me thing, but  when something like that happens I automatically in my head go to worst case scenario. Which I guess considering what the diagnoisis has turned out to be I think kind of helped me to deal with hearing the news. However it did mean my long suffering girlfriend had to deal with me constantly talking about my mortality yes not fun at all. Never said I was easy to life with. Unfortunately despite looking to get an appointment, I had the miss fortune of at this point only having an enlarged testicle when getting an appointment before I went home March19th pretty difficult. There were also a couple of other issues I had to think about for when I got home.    
My dads birthday was the 24th of March and for it my aunt and uncle where coming from Scotland and Ireland to celebrate. There was also a birthday meal booked so a lot on. So despite thinking with  my enlarged testicle, I had cancer and had that thought in the back of my mine for the last couple of weeks I  decided to mention it to my mum but to not mention it to him or the family as I didn’t want to jump the gun. Especially as I was still really hoping it was something else.

So having failed to get a doctor’s appointment sorted at whilst I was still in Belfast, I thankfully managed to get one sorted on the 29th of April. Which will be the focused of my next post.  

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