Sunday, 8 May 2016

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So on my final day in Edinburgh was thankfully was relatively un eventful. It was a long day, my grandmother decided we were going to get breakfast at 8:30 the joys. 

Surprisingly Even our health for the first time was not terrible.  It was pretty much just a day of killing time, so we thought we should take in some cultural of Edinburgh. Originally we had planned to go see a mid-summer nights dream at the Kings Theatre, but we missed the start. So to instead in the hope of matching the cultural experience that comes with seeing Shakespeare live.  We went to horrible histories at the Playhouse.

Yes before you ask it was just us and 7 year olds. The performance was fantastic, in addition if you know me you know I love Sing along. Alicia not so much, I think she was just more releved by the fact we(she) had chosen seats despite the place being as empty as you would expect for a 1:30 performance,  we couldn't be seen.

Which meant ever time I put my hand up to volunteer to go up on stage they couldn’t see me. The rest of the Afternoon was relatively relaxed, we of course would of loved to try and get more done in Edinburgh.  But as we had to leave at 6, in order to get a lift rather than having to get the bus we did not have a lot of time to work with. 

So to pass the time and to make up for my grandmothers rather questionable Wi-Fi.  We settled on a coffee at Starbucks, on Princes street.  To kill time we or I suggested for some reason wouldn’t it be fun if we both created tinder accounts and see how many likes we can get. Looking back this may have been a mistake for two reasons.

But I have come to remember very quickly what a dark place “online dating” can be.  So both of us have been on since Friday, guess who got more likes. Now of course Alicia is gorgeous, kind of why I am in to her.  But the level and the type of messages she has got is hilarious.

Now unfortunately I am starting to have very bad luck, travelling on Friday in the last month. London was delayed by 3 hours. So surely, I  would be a smooth flight back right. The minute we walked in, we saw our place had been delayed by about an hour and half. So we did what all travels do when faced with a lengthy delay in an Airport, we found the nearest bar and settled in.  Eventually we made it in at about 12.

 My morning started relatively early for a weekend (7:30am) as i had a lot of things to work through, which I wanted to try and done sooner rather than later. No rest for the student who really should learn to have a break.

Our coach to Bristol was at 11, Alicia may or may not have only woken up an hour before hand but we made it just. Once we made it Bristol the walk to visit my aunt and uncle was relatively smooth, but I feel like it brought us close together as couple.  If you know Bristol you know it has a lot of hills. Our walk was not different and Alicia not being a big fan of hills, explained during the walk exactly how many different ways she was going to kill me for making her walk up this hill.  

We did of course stop on the way, to make sure we did not arrive as guests empty handed.  It was a great break for me and Alicia and I really enjoyed being able to get to see my cousins, who are 7 and 18 months because unfortunately I have not been able  to make as many visit  as I would like.  What with being a cross a sea and all.  Hopefully going forward I can become more of a constant, what with being back in brum and all. That being said family on my mum’s side has always been less of a organised constant more of planning on the fly kind of thing.

Getting back it was fantastic to finally get a chance to look at some of the parcels, which I  picked that morning but didn’t have the chance to look at. Currently any post I receive is a mixture of medical stuff and care packages. This was not different. I had two parcels, one from my auntie in Canada, one contained my next round of led tasting radioactive flood.

This Sunday has been a nice simple no effort day.  This year has continued to teach me, travelling is fun , but travelling takes it toll.  That being said me and national express are starting to develop a very personal relationship.

So it was a nice break to be able to relax and enjoy just getting some admin stuff. People that know me know that i love my admin.  Alicia disappears on Tuesday, and it will be weird to go back to some kind of normality.   Although I am back in the capital Friday, so I guess not that normal..

Its going to be weird to have a week of no test and having to get back to working towards the future.  But i have in some small way been doing this for the last three years, so i am maybe starting to enjoy/ get good at it.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. 

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