Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Before I get on to talking about how thing have been I want to share with you something that has been bothering me for the last couple of days .

One of the most difficult things our generation faces, as BA students is that we are constantly told firstly about how easy our life is, but at the same time we are told we have to do more outside of our studies.  In order to get a job you need to be noticed, and to be noticed you need to be a part of outside organisations and charities. Is it just me or are we all in a CV hunting race.  Where every single volunteering or charity thing, is put in the context of how great it will make our job prospects be in the future.  You realise that you are doing things to do things, not because you are passionate about the project. 

When you are talking to someone from a charity, about the work you can do for them and you think the conversation is in the context of exposure,   and they are concerned about the life you might be able to save with your work someone is not really in the write frame of mind.  That has been the weird thing.  That this time in my life is that at when I am approaching organisations and publication, I am starting to question if I am approaching these people for the right reasons.

Whilst I am going to carry on and will continue to get this issue in as many peoples especially men's minds as possible, I need to remember this needs to about saving people lives first and foremost.

So the last couple of days, have been slightly uneventful. Saturday I spent a couple of hours doing some EU campaigning in the local area. I have always found it difficult, even before this whole experience for me to just go and approach people when it’s not in an controlled setting.  I did however have a slightly awkward moment, when I meet the head of the national campaign.  I introduced myself thinking he was just a volunteer.  I then asked him, how did he get in to this, local politics? He then went onto explain he was the head of the West Midlands campaign for the torrie party at the last campaign.   

Saturday night was Eurovision. It was fantastic to be able to remember exactly how much fun Eurovision is in my family's household. Eurovision has always been a thing since we were young and it is a tradition which I have not been able to do for  the last two years.  That being said It did suck to not be out with Alicia and in Belfast. She went on a night out with a load of friend in Belfast.  It was especially depressing to me, the following morning and she was still drunk from the night before.  I was of course really happy for her because we both needed a night out but also massively jealous I couldn't join her.

Fin disappeared back to Bristol on Sunday. It’s funny to think when I see him next I am going to feel alot more like death .
On Monday I started my week helping out at my old school. It was quite weird to walk around  the school helping out dressed up as a teacher.  It was fantastic and a bit weird to catch up with teachers that I have not seen in a number of years. But one of the weird things that I continue to do was self-censor. I still found myself when being asked why I was back covering myself by saying something like “had some time” “back from university”.

In the afternoon  Dad kept me company heading to hospital was nice.   One of things that I have heard a little bit from people who have read the blog, that just because I don't mention people, doesn’t mean that they are completing locking themselves in there room during this time.   Thankfully it was pretty uneventful, the first appointment took about 10 minutes, but then I had another 2 hours to kill before my CT scan. This meant I didn't end up being able to leave the hospital till around 7pm.

The evening was spent down the pub. 

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