Wednesday, 13 April 2016

No matter time than now

So after getting back from surgery on Saturday, we  had decided that the arranged Parents meeting ( my parents meeting her parents) on Sunday,  should go ahead. Mainly because at least they would have one conversation topic J

But more importantly my girlfriend was coming to stay bearing a lot of chocolate and beer. So yes I will be staying in this relationship for a while, if the chocolates continue. Well and  her continuing to be great helps makes me want to see where  this is going.

So after a couple  of hours Sitting and talking with them thankfully everyone seemed to like each other. Or least that was the impression I  got.

It was a really nice couple of days with her, just enjoying the quality time I am still not sure when we are going to have again. Hopefully soon depending on how my results come up fingers crossed.

So on Monday I decided now was a good time to put my video up, after giving my parents the heads up so to call grandparents etc, it went up. What came over the text two days so much love I so slightly surprised but filled me with something I can’t really put words to. I again want to thank the large number of people  who continue to take the time to message me with supportive messages whether we know  each other well or we just meet once at that thing a few years ago thank you. I am not going to lie on Monday night I did slightly tear up.

 Although after a couple of days your family  understandably does begin to tire of comments on facebook about what an inspiration I am.  Yes I would say we are a family that tries to not take its self to seriously. 

I decided(My girlfriend understandably got tried of me being on my phone given the circumstances, or was I checking my emails, like I said don't know how see stands it), that I would leave  it until my gf had gone back to Belfast before I attempted to answer everyone. 

So Tuesday came around and we have had some hard good byes, but weirdly this was not the worse but I think that says more about how difficult and distant in terms of where we have been on the globe, during our relationship than anything else. Having spent 3 months (and yes anyone over the age of 35 who has done long term long distant before technology, I know you will be rolling your eyes) in two different continents excluding the circumstances a few weeks would be nothing. Especially as we have scheduled daredevils sessions.  

This day also began the first time I meet up with people in person after going public. Despite what you think and what I kind of expected people thankfully and my friends especially, allowed me to have a pretty nice easy natural conversation. 

My next post will be beginning the next stage of my treatment in order to establish exactly, how much cancer do I have. 

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