Friday, 29 April 2016

Admin, Admin, Admin :(

So today (that being Thursday) was the first time that I actually felt like I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to friends not only about me but also generally about university. It was a refreshing change to be able to finally talk with friends and look back. University has been extrememly difficult, I have had some amazing highs but I have also never felt more depressed before.

I have learned that whilst many people have great intentions, they will do things which makes your life more difficult. Yes anybody over the age of 21 who has graduated, just indulge me on this deep and meaningful retrospective.  I didn’t go into therapy just cause I wanted someone to have a chat with, that being said one of the thing I have required often at university I have really needed and not had someone just to chat to.

One of the fantastic opportunities about this week was being able to attend my final debate at the Literary and scientific debating society.  One of the oldest societies at this university. Not only was it the place I really got to know an interesting and attractive women, who over a year and a half later still doesn’t seem to be tired of me.

It was on a trip down to Trinity for a debating workshop, that I made what I have been told (by her) a terrible attempt to ask if she was interested in a more serious thing. It involved my facebook profile relationship status, I will say no more. But this society has really helped to grow as a person in confidence at public speaking, and in my academic life, to create a clear and coherent argument.

Yes mum and Mrs Morris I got there eventually.

Some of my best experiences at university are because of this society.  I do not get to leave with some fine final speech, walking off into the sunset  but more often than not in life when do you ever.7

Unfortunately there was a lot of things I planned to do like join a campaign event for Oxfam which has been a massive part of my university life. Will miss my Qub Oxfam family, I am only sorry as with so many things to not have been able to take great advantage of it.

The other thing that I wanted to do, was do one final tour on behalf of my universities UK admissions department. Since day one of first year, I have worked  to promote what I still believe to be a fantastic opportunity that this university can bring to there life.  Being able to every week of my university life, to meet new young people and their families from all over the UK to hear their stories and hope that my story can in some way help to shape there’s.

As I come to the end of the week, another sad aspect of this week is I don’t really know when I will see many of people that I have come to consider friends again, the world is out there and our generations more than ever have got the skills to travel and see it.

Today is the day I hand in my dissertation, despite it being something which is almost talked about in mythical ways.  Yet I am handing in two very bland looking mini books, with an attached cover sheet because I being a dyslexic, did not read in the module guide that it was needed.  In addition to that when I looked to hand in my copies, the office refused to take them.

Because no one had told them, that they would be receiving thesis this semester. So like I said it was never going to easy for me. Outside of that the last day of  the week, also involved a lot of stressing waiting on emails, to make sure that the forms I where going to hand in where correct.  Considering this process began at about 10 am, you might be surprised that I was not responded to or confident with what I was stating until 3:30pm.

So that was Queens, my next post might be more retrospective but not sure yet. 

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